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    POETRY Emily Bonner Sally J Johnson Scott Keeney Dallas Lee Thomas Lux George Moore Sergio Ortiz Joanna C. Valente Robert Wexelblatt Changming Yuan FICTION Lindsey Harding Sarah Sorensen NONFICTION Karen Dietrich Matthew Zanoni Müller     cover photo: carly susser

  • Thomas Lux

    THERE’S A WORD FOR IT When it rains on a dry garden, there’s a word for the smell that results. The word itself is not aromatherapy, not to my ear. The oily essence released is. A word made from stone and the blood of gods, if gods have blood. It’s not a tasty word, not […]

  • Changming Yuan

    NATURAL CONFRONTATIONS 1/ Seagull With its sharp wings Feathered with The light of thunder The seabird is cutting open The curtain of a whole season Along the borderline Between the seas and the sky 2/ Swirl A gossamer-like breeze Left behind by A running dog Tries to strike The stagnated twilight All over the city […]

  • Dallas Lee

    ULTRASOUND Odd, sitting in a wheelchair waiting for a push toward God knows what, thought shrunk to disturbing new sounds. Ischemic. Carotid. Clotted. But when an attendant wheels you careening like a Manhattan cabbie to a technician with gorgeous red hair who meets your eye, you growl your larynx free of self-pity and rise to […]

  • Scott Keeney

    CONCUPISCENT FIRE 1 Fire loves a match head the way dreams love our skulls when we lay them down on pillows or sofas or blankets on the floor in the living room on New Year’s Eve where we’re always a couple of twenty- nothings watching PBS’s ten-part documentary on the history of rock & roll, […]

  • Sergio Ortiz

    SORTILEGE Death continued to haunt him, sniffing his pants without deciding to give him the final blow. However, he looked as if he could understand the other side while maintaining a grip on everyday life, until the world got sad forever. ________________________________ Sergio Ortiz is a retired educator, poet, painter, and photographer. He has a B.A. […]

  • Sarah Sorensen

    GRACE PERIOD The house I rent, I used to rent with my gf, but she up and left three months ago. I sort of like its garish, green shutters. I like its large and useless yard. I like that it sits at the end of a dirt road and no one bothers me. The house […]

  • Joanna C. Valente

    THE PILL VERSUS THE SPRINGHILL MINE DISASTER for Richard Brautigan Don’t blame me, I only killed what I could not take care of. GISELLE OU LES WILIS Roy Orbison has been crying over your girl: her face shapeless / her ass hookless. His heart’s in trochee—going northwest to Philly / a house bought—broke mirror / […]

  • Sally J Johnson

    [i am the universe and i am] i am the universe and I am expanding   i am taking a brick from my body to leave in the place of my destruction to tell my kids i stood    i am as strong as the fish odor coming from the market next door    as […]

  • Lindsey Harding

    HD IMMORTALITY Bodies buckle in turbulence.  Yellow masks fall and hiss.  Overhead bins spill their contents.  Next to me, a young girl pukes on her orange Converses.  But I’m calm.  I see Fate’s hand in my destiny.  The stewardess didn’t offer me two Cokes to be nice.  She knows I’m a star.  Just like I […]