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 Who We Are

The Boiler publishes new and emerging writers on a quarterly basis.

Check submission periods below for our next cycle.

SPRING issue | Dec. 15 – Feb. 15
SUMMER issue | March 15 – May 15
FALL issue | June 15 – Aug. 15
WINTER issue | Sept. 15 – Nov. 15

We’re hungry for your best stuff.

We’re advocates of the writing we publish. Give us something to talk about.

Please note that we try to respond as quickly as possible, but please let us know if we take longer than 3 months to get back to you.

How It Works

Place all work in one document .  DO NOT place your cover letter or any biographical information on your file. Instead use the cover letter form on submittable. Read our past issues to get an idea of what we publish. Submit no more than once per submission period. (One submission every three months.)



**Please submit no more than one submission per genre. We are not opposed to an author submitting to more than one genre. Keep it simple; your work must speak for itself. 

Poetry guidelines:

Quite simply, we’re looking for great poetry. Poetry from hungry writers with something to say. Lyricism that refuses to sit still on the tongue and brood in the mind. Lines that hold both risk and precision. We want to feel.  Send us 3 – 5 poems of your best work in one document along with a cover letter. We are excited to see what you and your words are up to.

Fiction guidelines:

The Boiler seeks fiction submissions that display commonalities in the human spirit which derive from an human ideal. Whether those commonalities display loss, defeat, triumph, humor, abandonment, fortitude, etc, at the Boiler, we pride ourselves on showcasing honesty within that human spirit. We admire duality of character, conflict and unique personality.

We feel what makes The Boiler unique is our dedication to publishing works that aren’t afraid. When we read a story, it should evoke the sensation that something has taken hold of us, that we can’t stop reading it. We ask that stories not be written for shock alone, but with the knowledge that from strangeness, humanity shines.

Submit an unpublished piece of flash fiction, short story or story excerpt up to 3,500 words, double spaced and a serif-type font like Garamond or Times New Roman. No fancy fonts. We take your work very seriously, and hope you, the author, see to proper formatting in order to display professionalism to their readers. Happy writing and thank you for submitting.

Creative Nonfiction guidelines:

We’re looking for well-crafted, detailed, and honest stories that come more from the heart than the head.  Stories we want to keep in our back pocket.  Lately, we’ve been thinking about essays and the non-traditional narrative. Surprise us. 

Pieces up to 3,500 words.
(Nonfiction submissions should be double-spaced and limited to one stand alone story or excerpt)


Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis and featured as possible cover photos or art to accompany the piecesCurrently closed due to backlog

The Technical Stuff

For all published pieces, we retain first publication rights. After publication, rights revert back to you. We ask that you credit us with the first publication, thereafter.

At this time, we’re not able to compensate our writers, our work here is a labor of love for your words. Our tip jars submissions help support the cost of maintaining our website.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted.  If your piece is accepted elsewhere, promptly withdraw it and inform us immediately.

Questions or comments:

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