Category: FALL 2012

  • Robert Wexelblatt

    TWO VAGABONDS Now I will go into the west and bide on panoramic plains so flat that I might be tricked into the vantage of the sky. Or I might go into the south, reside in the sweet languor of verandah, vine, and firefly. Maybe I’ll head into the north, up north where briskness braces […]

  • Emily Bonner

    ODONTOPHOBIA I’m holding the hand of a man who killed 25 people in Vietnam. He said he could see the whites of their eyes, and marked off each kill on his helmet. The syringe is scarier than anything he saw in that jungle, he says. He squeezes tighter, nearly melding my skin and the nitrile. […]

  • George Moore

    BIOMIMICRY the wheel is but a foot the steel wing but a feathered one the man stands alone on the desert nothing but a tree the seed of which landed haphazardly millennia before the things we see leave imprints on future minds like butterflies disrupting weather and in the skull theater house the helpless sit […]

  • Karen Dietrich

    CHALLENGER I am in school when it happens, so I don’t see the y-shaped cloud in real time, the way the people in the bleachers look confused, Christa McAuliffe’s parents holding each other. I see the scene repeated on the news that night, on 20/20, my favorite show. I can trust Barbara Walters and Hugh […]

  • Matthew Zanoni Müller

    THE MANY USES OF CRYING When I was twelve, my father took a sabbatical and we lived in Switzerland for half a year. After my first day of school I was meant to walk back home and I took a wrong turn out of the gates and wound up completely lost. I kept looking for […]