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  • Best of the Net nominations 2021

    We’re pleased to announce our 2021 Best of the Net nominations! POETRY Halleluyah by Mónica GomerySonnet Near Zyzzyx by Chelsea HarlanGualmar Kevin MadrigalSouls Side by Side by Dustin PearsonThe Other Kids Use Their Hands by Jaz SufiIndictment Film by Fargo Nissim Tbakhi FICTION Swallower by K-Ming ChangBallad II by L.M. Davenport ESSAYS A Fiction More […]

  • 2020 Best of the Net nominees

    We’re pleased to share our nominees for this year’s Best of the Net! You can read the nominated pieces here. POETRY: “Herstory of Pink” by Kiran Bath“Why Scarred and Scared Sound So Alike” by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach“Sister’s Ghazal” by Tatiana M.R. Johnson“Hotel” by Gabriella R. Tallmadge“Vox Populi, Vox Dei” by Victoria C. Flanagan“Boyhood” by S. […]

  • Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2019

    We’re pleased to announce our Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2019 POETRY Threa Almontaser, “Ablution With Zem Zem Water” (Summer, 30)Michelle Donahue, “Preservation” (Winter, 29) FICTION Jackie Chhieng. “Sabrina Nguyen At The 7-Eleven On Lombard” (Summer, 30)Sarah E. Ruhlen, “Open Water” Summer, 30) NONFICTION Rowan Lucas, “Water of the Womb” Summer, 30)Aram Mrjoian, “Animal Kingdom” (Winter, […]


    Poetry: “Three Encounters with No One” by Elisa Gonzalez “The Wounded Deer” by Krysten Hill “Elegy” by Michael Marberry “We Ran Rapturous” by Shannon Sankey “Clack” by Janelle Tan “Everything You’ve Been Told About [Being a Partner] Is a Lie” by Kevin West Fiction: “Green Eternity” by Raina K. Puels “Two Stars, Burning Sun” by […]

  • Pushcart Nominations 2018

    We’re pleased to announce our Pushcart nominations for 2018! Read the nominated pieces below: POETRY Krysten Hill, “The Wounded Deer”  Suzannah Russ Spaar, “Uses for Apples”  FICTION Alexandra Kessler, “Bad Bones”  Sarah Terez Rosenblum, “Imagine How God Feels”  NONFICTION Annalise Mabe, “Little Deaths”  Robert James Russell, “Blue Raspberry” 

  • Pushcart Nominations

    We’re happy to announce our nominations for the Pushcart Prize!! Read our nominees below and cross out fingers with us as we await the results! POETRY April Michelle Bratten, “Where We Live” – Fall, issue 17, 2015 Anna B. Sutton, “Friday Mass” – Summer, issue 16, 2015 Caitlin Thomson, “Tithe” – Spring, issue 15, 2015 […]

  • Best of the Net Nominations 2015

    We’re pleased to announce this year’s nominations for Best of the Net 2015!! POETRY Rachel Eliza Griffiths, “My Dress Hangs There” Jenny Molberg, “Phosphene“ Paige Quiñones, “Summer, Or Daughters I Haven’t Met” Greg Solano, “Light in the Mountains” Caitlin Thomson, “Tithe” Claire Wahmanholm, “My Life As A Nightjar” FICTION Petrina Crockford, “Birth“ Zach VandeZande, “A […]

  • Our first ever live reading!

    Below is the announcement for our first ever live reading celebrating our two years online and our readers! If you’re in the NY area, do come! November 20, 2013 7PM at Cake Shop. Featuring past contributors: Anthony Cappo, Natalie Eilbert, Beth Morgan, and Marina Rubin. We’re happy to announce our first ever event for The […]

  • Timothy Kenny

    DEATH IN TEL AVIV Of the three old men in the locker room only one is wearing pants, no shirt. The other two, also gravity’s victims, sit hunched and naked on a low wooden bench, towels raped. The man wearing pants is listening, waiting his turn. “He told me his wife died a few months […]

  • James Valvis

    MR. SOFTEE Collecting fireflies in mason jars, you heard the ice cream truck, its jingle music like a song, and the kids scattered, ran indoors for money, and on good days your parents gave you cash for: a banana split for Dad, sundae for Mom, enough left over to get yourself a cone, little sugar […]