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  • Editor’s Note

    Dear Reader, I write to you saying this is my last issue as the Editor-in-Chief of The Boiler. Those who know me, know I don’t like being the center of attention. Instead of lamenting, I’d like to celebrate this space and the space it’s given me and others to connect with writers. Moreover, I’d like…

  • Pushcart Nominations 2021

    PoetrySarah Ghazal Ali, “Annunciation” (Summer, 34)TR Brady, “[[wobble twilight, river landing” (Winter, 33) FictionMialese Carney, “The Night the Cows Got Loose” (Summer, 34)Stephanie C. Trott, “(No) Vacancy” (Winter, 33) NonfictionElijah Hayes, “Pressing on Toward Canaan” (Winter, 33)Virginia L. Wood, “Ghost Collage” (Summer, 34)

  • Pushcart Prize nominations 2020

    We’re excited to share our Pushcart Prize nominations!! POETRY Sarah Bates, “Female #450” (Winter, 31)Dorothy Chan, “Triple Sonnet for Charging Admission” (Summer, 32) FICTION K-Ming Chang “Swallower” (Summer, 32)L.M. Davenport, “Ballad II” (Summer, 32) NONFICTION Miah Jeffra, “A Fiction More Real” Summer, 32)Kat Moore, “Trees, Monsters, Witches: Fragments of Being a Girl” (Summer, 32)

  • Pushcart Nominations 2018

    We’re pleased to announce our Pushcart nominations for 2018! Read the nominated pieces below: POETRY Krysten Hill, “The Wounded Deer”  Suzannah Russ Spaar, “Uses for Apples”  FICTION Alexandra Kessler, “Bad Bones”  Sarah Terez Rosenblum, “Imagine How God Feels”  NONFICTION Annalise Mabe, “Little Deaths”  Robert James Russell, “Blue Raspberry” 

  • Best of the Net nominations for 2018

    We are excited to announce our nominations for the 2018 Best of the Net anthology! POETRY: “no te quedes” by Anthony Cody “Revenge of the Asian Woman” by Dorothy Chan “The Weight” by Cameron Alexander Lawrence “Success That Is Partly The Result Of Chance; Or, An Uncertain Course Of Events” by Alysse Kathleen McCanna “Dumb…

  • Sara Peck

    dear anne with the broken fingernails in turn it regrows—impulse to gather every escaped branch I can hold in the pit of my shirtde                        whittle each to a point there are so many more roots than we planned for think we never would have…

  • Brenna M. Casey

    thickly settled: a poem  begun in august golden rod and the sun singed cones of the last of late summer’s honeysuckle simmer in the fields; and my inbox, says nate, is like a game of fucking minesweeper. my chest grows heavy and reads like a road sign for a small, slow sped new england village:…

  • Pushcart Nominations

    Read the nominated pieces below: POETRY Diannely Antigua, “Portrait of El Jefe” Victoria Lynne McCoy, “Dumb Luck” Paul Tran, “Elegy for My Mother’s Lipstick” FICTION Wynne Hungerford, “Appetites” Kate Arden McMullen, “Paterson Field” NONFICTION Melanie Unruh, “Triage”

  • Best of the Net nominations 2017

    We are excited to announce our nominations for the 2017 Best of the Net anthology! POETRY Caleb Braun,  “Lessons” Trista Edwards, “Bellows” Marlin M. Jenkins, “Psalm regarding the Young Man’s Hands“ Sophia Terazawa, “The Waiting Room” Kelly Grace Thomas, “The Most Bones” Paul Tran, “Elegy With My Mother’s Lipstick” FICTION Katie Young Foster, “Babymoon” Meghan…

  • Pushcart Nominations 2016

    We’re happy to announce our nominations for the Pushcart this year!! With each year of our existence, we continue to be both astonished and devastated by the talent and work of our authors that we publish. Read our nominees below and join us in celebrating their work. Chelsea Dingman – Obedience Trista Edwards – Equinox…