2020 Blog

Pushcart Prize nominations 2020

We’re excited to share our Pushcart Prize nominations!!


Sarah Bates, “Female #450” (Winter, 31)
Dorothy Chan, “Triple Sonnet for Charging Admission” (Summer, 32)


K-Ming Chang “Swallower” (Summer, 32)
L.M. Davenport, “Ballad II” (Summer, 32)


Miah Jeffra, “A Fiction More Real” Summer, 32)
Kat Moore, “Trees, Monsters, Witches: Fragments of Being a Girl” (Summer, 32)

2018 Announcements Blog

Pushcart Nominations 2018

We’re pleased to announce our Pushcart nominations for 2018!

Read the nominated pieces below:


Krysten Hill, “The Wounded Deer” 
Suzannah Russ Spaar, “Uses for Apples” 


Alexandra Kessler, “Bad Bones” 
Sarah Terez Rosenblum, “Imagine How God Feels” 


Annalise Mabe, “Little Deaths” 
Robert James Russell, “Blue Raspberry” 

2018 Blog

Best of the Net nominations for 2018

We are excited to announce our nominations for the 2018 Best of the Net anthology!


no te quedes” by Anthony Cody
Revenge of the Asian Woman” by Dorothy Chan
The Weight” by Cameron Alexander Lawrence
Success That Is Partly The Result Of Chance; Or, An Uncertain Course Of Events” by Alysse Kathleen McCanna
Dumb Luck” by Victoria Lynne McCoy
Marfa Lights” by Iliana Rocha


Bad Bones” by Alexandra Kessler
Patterson Field” by Kate Arden McMullen


Little Deaths” by Annalise Mabe
Tension And Release: Diffusing Pressure Points In The Abnormal Adolescent” by Naomi Washer

2018 Blog Poetry

Sara Peck

dear anne with the broken fingernails

in turn it regrows—impulse to gather
every escaped branch I can hold in the pit
of my shirtde
                       whittle each to a point

there are so many more roots
than we planned for
think we never would have known
had we not teased them out
made visible the underearth
and now that we know
it’s no wonder they don’t believe you

dear anne with the broken fingernails

we watch the rain misdefine health
and no matter how we look at it you’ve had to unlearn
how everything falls sideways
                                                      words, hair, slant
of water against glass

your shrinking pulls the air out of the room
like a well and you divide it into parts

                                                      minus arm
                                                      minus thigh

but our body’s house has many rooms
and walls made out of light
only feel beautiful until they decay

I can’t prepare a place for you
                           can’t tell you to stop playing
in the wound of the barren rooms

my teeth are light-full still
my hands clawed to the chimney
to keep the birds out

Sara Peck is the author of a chapbook, Yr Lad Bob (Persistent Editions) and a collection with poet Jared Joseph, Here You Are (Horse Less Press). She runs a bookshop and teaches school in Charleston, South Carolina.

2018 Blog Poetry

Brenna M. Casey

thickly settled: a poem  begun in august

golden rod and the sun singed cones of
the last of late summer’s honeysuckle simmer in the fields;
and my inbox, says nate, is like a game of fucking minesweeper.

my chest grows heavy and reads like a road sign for a small, slow sped
new england village: THICKLY SETTLED.
and i regret not grabbing shoes out from under the desk,
as i head for the pebbly pumice of hickory ridge road,
we muddy our own waters.

i read, then i realize:
“they were full- blown, abandoned to this.”

in lieu of admitting i was sad, i described to you a somber scene:
told you i had walked to the old church yard on west main street
and sat underneath the double headstone i like so well.
“READER,” it reads you from the new-found american folk art etch of a slate slab,
“if you knew them,”—two boys drown in the west river,
the one trying to save the other,–“you will weep with their friends.”

in these days i think constantly of getting a tattoo of that line from that novel
great house by nicole krauss who is married to what’s-his-three-names.
it would read in lanky hipster script:
“it would be wrong to say that the conditions of such a life had been a hardship.”

and the scene is mostly somber, which is to say sad, because:
as the stream of autumn air bleeds in the nighttime
between the ineffectual grate of heavy-lidded venetian blinds,
somebody should fish us out from
the river’s tow.

long distance valedictions

we say goodnight symmetrically.
as in:

goodnight, your name.
goodnight, my name.

if i use your surname,
you use mine.

if you deploy my title,
i yours.

if i am yelling,
you match my capital letters.

and when you whisper, mhmm,
swaddled in bedclothes and sleepy,

such a long way away, i script my
mumbled volley in lowercase too.

it’s paltry and precious
and all that we can give.

Brenna M. Casey is a Lecturer at Duke University where she teaches courses in Creative Writing, Literature, and Gender Studies. She received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Notre Dame and a Ph.D. in English from Duke University. Her work has appeared in Ploughshares, Bitch Magazine, and Post Road, among others.

2017 Blog

Pushcart Nominations

TheBoiler Pushcart_2017

Read the nominated pieces below:


Diannely Antigua, “Portrait of El Jefe
Victoria Lynne McCoy, “Dumb Luck
Paul Tran, “Elegy for My Mother’s Lipstick


Wynne Hungerford, “Appetites
Kate Arden McMullen, “Paterson Field


Melanie Unruh, “Triage

2017 Blog

Best of the Net nominations 2017

We are excited to announce our nominations for the 2017 Best of the Net anthology!


Caleb Braun,  “Lessons
Trista Edwards, “Bellows
Marlin M. Jenkins, “Psalm regarding the Young Man’s Hands

Sophia Terazawa, “The Waiting Room
Kelly Grace Thomas, “The Most Bones
Paul Tran, “Elegy With My Mother’s Lipstick


Katie Young Foster, “Babymoon
Meghan Lamb, “The Widower


Kym Cunningham, “Waiting for the Flood
Kailee Marie Pedersen, “The Beginner’s Guide to Matricide

2016 Blog

Pushcart Nominations 2016

We’re happy to announce our nominations for the Pushcart this year!!

With each year of our existence, we continue to be both astonished and devastated by the talent and work of our authors that we publish. Read our nominees below and join us in celebrating their work.

Chelsea DingmanObedience
Trista EdwardsEquinox
Ángel GarcíaAntipode II 
Hannah Lee JonesDaughter of Cain
Phillip Scott MandelI Swallowed The Sword Of Shannara And Lived To Tell This Tale About It 
Anna Doogan – Heart(lands)


Best of the Net nominations 2016

We’re happy to announce our nominations for the Best of the Net this year!!

With each year of our existence, we continue to be both astonished and devastated by the talent and work of our authors that we publish. Read our nominees below and join us in celebrating their work. 


Sarah A. ChavezDear Carole, I Wait to Stop Feeling Hungry

Ángel García – Stampede

Jim Redmond – For All Those I Have Loved

Nicole Steinberg – Have You Considered Moving Somewhere Else?

Naima Woods – Euglogy Covenants

Emily Paige Wilson – The Fortune Tell Predicts A Journey


Blake Kimzey – The Quiet

Monique McIntosh – Bug


Timothy Gomez – A List of Things I’ve Watched Die

Eric Tran – 10 Rebuttals to a Clickbait Headline

2015 Announcements Blog

Pushcart Nominations

We’re happy to announce our nominations for the Pushcart Prize!!

Read our nominees below and cross out fingers with us as we await the results!


April Michelle Bratten, “Where We Live” – Fall, issue 17, 2015
Anna B. Sutton, “Friday Mass” – Summer, issue 16, 2015
Caitlin Thomson, “Tithe” – Spring, issue 15, 2015
Claire Wahmanholm, “Sirius” – Summer, issue 16, 2015


Monique McIntosh, “Bug” – Fall, issue 17, 2015


Annalise Mabe, “Space Taker” – Fall, issue 17, 2015