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  • Katherine Fallon

    LANTERNFISH I didn’t know whether to believe Tara when she told me that her grandmother’s house was haunted. My parents were practical to a fault and never entertained the idea of anything supernatural, including God, which later led people to believe that we were wicked. But Tara’s family was more superstitious, and more faithful, and […]

  • Elisa Gonzalez

    THREE ENCOUNTERS WITH NO ONE Nicosia, Cyprus 1. “Your lover is here,” the fortune-teller says. When I turn—no one. Who is this I keep meeting? A question insistent as the street cats who yowl for scraps and dig in dumpsters. If, as the government recommends but will fail to do, all the cats are sterilized, […]

  • You Li

    BECAUSE OF GHOSTS The old woman points at me at my face looks me in the eyes it’s deadIn that moment I believe her There are ghosts by the sea where they appear before children looking into doorways without mirrors deflected by low ceilingstoo proud to bend their backs The old ash tree has turned […]

  • Janelle Tan

    CLACK at her funeral, i do not cry. i feed myself curry and a streamof beers. i entertain. i do not feel heaviness, or not knowing how to go on, or what to do with my hands. i do not feelas though my chest has been seared. i am very much still whole. is there […]

  • Karah Kemmerly

    once I had a body, but I buried it tonight I resurrect myself : I have been reduced to shade : papery : rustling : a shadow, closemouthed : but two hands still : reaching : once I had a body but I let the earth swallowit : now I cup the space where my […]

  • Kevin West

    EVERYTHING YOU’VE BEEN TOLD ABOUT[BEING A PARTNER] IS A LIE You’ll only love me when I become a man you accept, a centerpiece to place on the tablecloth. That ignores feeling ecstasy when I’m on my knees in a bathroom stall. I’m adept at changing habits. I can play the good partner—refashion latex and leather […]

  • Bruce Bond

    POISON One toxin turns to another, one apple to the seeds that bite the earth. A vague distemper casts its shadow over last years’ leaves, and I am listening to a friend. All that anger over this and that and the lunch we are having, the smell of beer on him stronger earlierand often, his […]

  • Jeremy Radin

    A WORD Say you forgot your name. Say you hungfrom the smog. Say your teeth escaped again. Say you smeared yourself in fat. Say you broke your jaw on the sun. Say you sang with the sugar hyenas. Say you were unlaced by a language. Say you prayed to a shivering glacier. Say you ate […]


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  • Aza Pace

    DEFINITION IN THE WOODS Wanted to linger in the flat winter alone at the property line, where barbed wire twists irrelevant through the pines. Wanted to merge into the speckled landscapelike the fine lacework of roots turning by touch through dim earth,to feel that energy wick up my legs. Wanted oneness in the nameless sororityof […]