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  • Under Pressure: Dana Alsamsam

    (in)habit, Dana Alsamsam Dana Alsamsam is a first generation Syrian-American from Chicago and is currently based in Boston where she works in arts development. A Lambda Literary fellow, she received her MFA in Poetry from Emerson College where she was the Editor-in-Chief of Redivider and Senior Editorial Assistant at Ploughshares. She is the author of […]

  • Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2019

    We’re pleased to announce our Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2019 POETRY Threa Almontaser, “Ablution With Zem Zem Water” (Summer, 30)Michelle Donahue, “Preservation” (Winter, 29) FICTION Jackie Chhieng. “Sabrina Nguyen At The 7-Eleven On Lombard” (Summer, 30)Sarah E. Ruhlen, “Open Water” Summer, 30) NONFICTION Rowan Lucas, “Water of the Womb” Summer, 30)Aram Mrjoian, “Animal Kingdom” (Winter, […]


    Poetry: “Three Encounters with No One” by Elisa Gonzalez “The Wounded Deer” by Krysten Hill “Elegy” by Michael Marberry “We Ran Rapturous” by Shannon Sankey “Clack” by Janelle Tan “Everything You’ve Been Told About [Being a Partner] Is a Lie” by Kevin West Fiction: “Green Eternity” by Raina K. Puels “Two Stars, Burning Sun” by […]

  • Rebecca Bornstein

    RENT I’ve busted ass to make itmost of my life, floated checksand ate late fees on all the utilities, in lean years spent hope, felt luckyto find a few quarters I’d forgottenor spotted in the street on a walk. In the mornings, dry cereal.In the winter, the dark. But I always paid rent, the 5tha […]

  • Jody Chan

    self-portrait after panic attack — for Kou I visit you at Gibraltar Point on an August Wednesday when the anvils in my brain have been pounding extra hard & I am flattened with anxiety but we feast on takeout Korean in a room filled with thriving plants & new laughter & when we finally look […]

  • Natalie Homer

    INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE Carved into a birch: the initials BKO,and a buffalo nickel hidden in the knot.How pleasing to come across another’s secrets. Water striders skate the edges of the lakein which a church is submergedexcept for the steeple, which rises—glacial. I kept it for a long time,that quartz with the ghost of another crystalblooming in […]

  • Rachel Cruea

    DAYTIME IS A WINDOW YOU BUY CURTAINS FOR Deep in the purple of this room you smuggle enough lightbulbs to make it day,except these days, a moment of shade would be welcome. In the other room, you overhear a conversation. Pressing your ear to the door, you catch muffled phrases like “unfairness of color” and […]

  • Jennifer Sperry Steinorth

    LINES WRIT ON THE BACKSIDEOF A DOZER INVOICE Squirrel crossed the lawn just nowWhere old oak used to beBefore our home’s expanding wingsMade wicker ware of tree. No acorns nowWill fall to fillThe kits curled in his cribBut this… With a little shreddingWill make nice bedding Jennifer Sperry Steinorth is a poet, educator interdisciplinary artist, […]

  • Claire Robbins

    PUBLIC SPACE, PUBLIC BODIED I want to say that I have many bodies. I have arms that lift weights, legs that walk across town, a stomach that hungers and fills. My body feels emotion, is energy. My body can give and feel so much pleasure. My body looks great in jeans and boots, my body […]

  • Katherine Fallon

    LANTERNFISH I didn’t know whether to believe Tara when she told me that her grandmother’s house was haunted. My parents were practical to a fault and never entertained the idea of anything supernatural, including God, which later led people to believe that we were wicked. But Tara’s family was more superstitious, and more faithful, and […]