Category: 2016

  • Pushcart Nominations 2016

    We’re happy to announce our nominations for the Pushcart this year!! With each year of our existence, we continue to be both astonished and devastated by the talent and work of our authors that we publish. Read our nominees below and join us in celebrating their work. Chelsea Dingman – Obedience Trista Edwards – Equinox […]

  • José Angel Araguz

    FORGING When the man begging on the train begins his penitent’s stumble and sway, the car thrusts into silence. After each of his God-bless-you’s I feel myself bend, neck yawed at first, then fully craned. The heads of others bob and tremble when he passes. Were he to catch fire, would I move, would anyone […]

  • Emily Rose Cole

    TOULOUSE (i) After the burial—white ash, clay pot, my tongue heavy as stone—I return to this land whose language lacks a word for home, this city whose name I always want to write                          to lose. In the park I watch the wind crumple […]

  • Terrell Jamal Terry

    CITRINE ASH #7 (CRAYON LEXICAL) I was sleeping inside my head I walked with someone throughout a house Empty of all furnishings Stem of the city morning I couldn’t enslave or extend it My castle of blemishes Why do you never see them see you Without seeing feathery flames? Bereft of the sun, I would not […]

  • Monica Lewis

    “first kiss” we will meet each other like hawks who, at first tender, soon nip, nip nip nipping until tiny cries pierce out, deep from our guts, talons clawing the bark of the conifer to fine dust. i a sharp-shinned hawk (accipiter stratus) only slightly more pale and spare than you, will be caught in […]

  • Theodora Ziolkowski

    WIELICZKA Kraków, Poland In the salt cathedral below ground, our guide tells us couples say their vows before the salt virgin, in view of the salt Pope John Paul II. Above ground, I ate zapiekankas in the Rynek Główny, thought I tasted ghosts in the raspberry syrup the barman pumped in my beer. My cousin […]

  • Nicole Santalucia

    WE HEAT UP PENNSYLVANIA FROM BEHIND BARS My brain is leftover cake in the freezer; it’s trapped in a ziploc bag and if the freezer ever stops freezing my cake brain will melt. The chocolate frosting looks like blood and this bag of brains begins to rot. My brain is cold out here in Pennsylvania […]

  • Ashley Mares

    HERE, TOGETHER WE’RE LOST AT SEA Give me, my love, the fragments of your prayers: the remnants                             of your bones. Remember                             that time our bones crashed into […]

  • John Andrews

    SIREN This song is Scheherazade sweet: take cover immediately. And my husband, more so future husband, more so storm chaser follows the wind north when the beat drops. The emergency radio sings: there are already two dead a few counties over and the wind wants more bones, a sycamore spine white as ivory, like the […]

  • Will Cordeiro

    SANATORIUM, NOVEMBER Again the baths are running               or maybe they’re only laughing where logic’s turned white noise. Hallways ricochet soft               thunder. Each voice is counterfeit. Needles serpentine crewel- work our young failed suicide               keeps […]