Category: 2015

  • Blake Kimzey

    THE QUIET But above all else, even as dark film from an oil spill worked its way toward the rocky shoreline, it was quiet here. * The girl and her father lived in a one-room wooden cabin. The roof was thatched with a tin-capped chimney overlooking Winter Trail Road. Today there was a thin tail […]

  • Anna Laird Barto

    THE WHOLE FOODS EFFECT I went to the grand opening of Whole Foods with my friend Denise, and Shannon, of course–I can’t get away from the kid long enough to pee. By the time we got there it was after 11, but we were still one of the first 1,000 shoppers so we each got […]

  • Nadra Mabrouk

    CLOVEN Two gray sheep can only live so long in your kitchen. Your father, uncle and grandfather drag the two sheep past the hallway. Holiday dinner breathes and smells of wet wool. Mother takes you to be bathed with your sister. Together, you sit cross-legged in the hot water and you, while washing her hair, […]

  • Sara Ryan

    FAVOR             after Li-Young Lee A field of poppies blooms between my fingers— my father grabs a needle and tells me to hold still. I am not a patient child, or a curator of pain , so I become a young bird, underneath. I dig at a splinter until my […]

  • Danielle Susi

    Black fossil in a slab of shale In a river you come upon a coil              What have you of my spilled right lung? Make a threshold whiter and wider               Was finding my vessel in ash not enough? Bury me further. Build a […]

  • Dylan Weir

    VILLANELLE FOR THE VICIOUS ADDICTED for Phillip His construction paper hung heavy wet on the walls. The spot still dripping letters from his fingerpaint. Art therapy-bullshit twice. Still, we finger painted self-affirmations, taped to the walls where his construction paper hung heavy. Then, code yellow. Phillip’s discharge date. You haven’t got his meds right. We […]

  • Amy Marengo

    BODY→ATRIUM→VENTRICLE→GILLS→BODY The ​S-shaped heart in his head fills his eyes with fresh blood for as long as he doesn’t stop swimming. I watch reruns of laymen and scientists bickering about how best to kill him before he chews an island to pieces, the children— morsels of the future. I tattooed his silhouette on my forearm […]

  • Ryan Bender-Murphy

    PORT ARANSAS Transformation is a crime. Cylinders of it, too. First breath out of the water and you cannot hear the clicking of keyboards. A white rat runs in a field. Its red eyes are juiced hours later in a lab. That’s the rub. The ticket passes from one signal to the next until a […]

  • Jasmine Nikki Paredes

    I will lose him during the apocalypse when the ground gives, right after our neighbor’s dog tells me to wake up and clear my browser cache. Yesterday they found a megamouth shark washed ashore, dead. Maybe now we should get out of bed and worry about the high rises, how the quake will devour us, […]

  • Antonina Palisano

    THE WINTER Another pit. I forgive my continuing how I’d pardon insects their sound – with a sick gut, shrinking. Now the weird parlance of the sign: a candle won’t flame, the animals fret. I find a bird’s wing perfect & detached in the street. Struggle to eat. But think of the city’s savvy plantlife, […]