Category: 2014

  • Melissa Crowe

    FORGIFTET GARDEN That long, ugly winter over, I still can’t put aside the death of the young giraffe at Copenhagen, shot by keepers while he lipped chunks of rye bread in the zoo. And I’m sad because you’re always lying—today you call to say you’re mad with pain from kidney stones the size of walnuts […]

  • Winter XIV

    POETRY K.T. Billey Amy Carlberg Lauren Camp Justin Carter Kallie Falandays Rachel Eliza Griffiths Jane Huffman Alex Lemon Anna Meister Matt W. Miller Larry Narron Greg Solano July Westhale FICTION Beth Bretl Jon Chopan Andrew Nicholls Zach VandeZande NONFICTION Lori White Gina Williams REVIEWS Apocryphal by Lisa Marie Basile reviewed by Janae Green Mezzanines by […]

  • Jane Huffman

    CONJURING Leave your soft metallic subordinance behind, leave your cashmere leg wraps, your ponds of copulating flutterfish, your unmowed lavender, leave your thrown disemboweled, your plate of beak meat and wishbone unsnapped, leave your funeral gardens unwatered, your husband, nonstinging jelly, wonting. Leave your damselfly boudoir of molten gold drapery and dozzled pearls, leave your […]

  • Kallie Falandays

    Come closer, come wider, come open my windows. Come closer, come wider, come open my windows. I came into your room and I unlocked your cage. I tried to feed you winged things: one angel story about trying to fly but forgetting how to open; one ghost story, the one in which I remembered you […]

  • Rachel Eliza Griffiths

    FRAGMENTS OF POEMS RETURNED TO SENDER  You were waving when I looked back. When I scraped winter from my flesh & mimicked the silence of geese, bruised arrows skimming grief. Somewhere I moved beneath trees. I’d love to name their limbs for you but can’t you see past all that? Anatomy says we’re all the […]

  • Best of the Net nominations for 2014

    We’re pleased to announce our editor’s picks for Best of the Net nominations! If you’re not already familiar with Best of the Net, you can read last year’s here.  Poetry:  Jan Bottiglieri  – Whatever You Call it Will Be Its Name Michelle Y. Burke  – Driving Alone Adam Day – Frank’s All Right Jake Levine […]

  • Special Announcement

    Dear Reader: Since our inception, we’ve been  proud of the success the online medium has allowed us. However, we feel it’s important to continue to celebrate the print medium and our two years of production online. To celebrate our two years, we’d like to produce a limited print run of 500 copies celebrating our past two […]

  • Fall Issue XIII

    POETRY Megan Collins Vanessa Jimenez Gabb Laura Anne Heller Amorak Huey Kathleen Jones M.P. Jones IV Les Kay Ariana Nadia Nash F. Daniel Rzicznek sam sax Brittney Scott Jeff Whitney FICTION Kirsten Aguilar Petrina Crockford Brian Porter NONFICTION Heidi Czerwiec Donald J Mitchell Linsey Scriven DOWNLOAD PDF   Artists Kari Garon is a multidisciplinary artist from Milwaukee, […]

  • Amorak Huey

    FIRE GOD ACCIDENTALLY CREATES THE BLUES The variations of any story, the sum of our choices. Which is to suggest infinite possibility, but electricity does seek certain trees. Convenient to say you were evicted from the garden, that given your pick between righteousness & the world you could not resist taste of iron on tongue, […]

  • Petrina Crockford

    BIRTH The doctor pulled the baby from the woman while she lay on the sweat-soaked hospital bed, the sweat coming from her back, her arms, her legs, because beneath that bright hospital light and with the windows shut and the curtains pulled and the strain of pushing life from the gut, all she could do […]