Category: SUMMER 2012

  • Shay Belisle

    NIGHT TRAIN TO VARANASI My mom buys second-class tickets on the night train to Varanasi and we bring only what we need for a few days, leaving most of our belongings at the rented room in Lucknow. “We’ll sleep the whole way and wake up ready to go,” she tells me. “Sleeping on a train […]

  • Roberta F. King

    SNAPSHOT It was mid-January when I took the photo. Noah had been sick with pneumonia throughout most of December—back and forth to the doctor for appointments, re-checks and a series of chest x-rays. He missed quite a few school days before and after the holidays. Christmas vacation was tough; he looked thin, stressed and pale […]

  • Zach Fishel

    LOVE ONIONS SOMETIMES Cutting onions on a bamboo board is like making love. Repetition is the key, remembering certain movements, or peeling the clear skin underwater. Drowning the stench, and using a keen edge, watching where fingers are placed, and not minding being blinded. SLOPPED LIKE BUCKET FOOD Dead batteries bubbling in a vase Hangnails […]

  • Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick

    FRANCINE BUYS BLEACH IN BULK WHEN A HEART BREAKS Francine cleans more often when holes begin to open. Always the brush against bone because I’m alone. I’m alone, she writes, holes bump beaks until people see my bruises bloom. Francine cleans the kitchen counter with her tongue. My body opens and I have to, she writes, be useful. […]

  • Richard Fein

    WEEKDAY MORNING LAWMEN He’s the fifth Ninja Turtle, a flesh and blood five year old allied with the cartoon four whose fight for truth and justice and for the complete beating up of bad guys everywhere is televised every weekday morning. “Come on daddy,” he sees me sitting in my easy chair. “Come on, you […]