Letter from the editor, Summer

Dear Readers,

It’s been a long time since we were online and we apologize to our readers for our delayed release. Our editors have been reading submissions and I feel they have done a good job of helping shape our summer issue. Just in case anyone was wondering about our absence, we’ve decided to switch to a quarterly format to accommodate more pieces and so that each submission gets a fair shake at being included.
Also, we were pretty busy finishing our thesis and preparing ourselves for our next adventure.

This issue is our biggest one yet! We have 13 authors to share with you. We pride ourselves in not giving in to a vibe or worrying too much about style. Each piece presented to you is a unique voice and holds something authentic. From the sentimentality of a child to the brutal and romantic struggles
of love and partnership or the bleak self.

Now, it is with great pleasure I present to you our fourth issue. We’re trying out a few things for our new issue. We’ve included a great photo thanks to  Jon W. Edwards. I feel it beautifully captures what we’re presenting to you in our Summer Issue. 


sebastian h. paramo,