Category: SPRING 2013

  • Derek Graf

    _____________________________________ Derek Graf was a finalist for the 2013 Peter Meinke Prize for Poetry. His poems have been featured or are forthcoming in Gravel, Blast Furnace Press, and Misfit Magazine. He received his B.A. from the University of South Florida and currently lives in Stillwater, OK, where he is studying for his MFA degree at […]


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  • Michael Trocchia

    MOTION IN A PATH TO MYSELF I grip the sudden memory and fade against the insane star. I stuff the shapeless wind with some raw idea of it and pause before the opening gate. I devise the flat escape and then axe the wrists of the witness in me. My hands break into birdsong sung […]

  • Elizabeth Westmark

    KA-BAR I learned a secret yesterday. I learned how to throw a KA-BAR knife straight down and get it to stick in the ground. The secret? You don’t throw it; you release it. The dark steel impels itself smoothly downward. Some ancient heavy metal genetic navigation system guides the two-edged blade into the belly of the deer hoof and […]

  • Billie R. Tadros

    LIGHTER FLUID: THEMES AND VARIATIONS 1. Light or flutes, her cylinders. What illumines a votive. 2. Lied, or fluent, as she told me about half-life, burn time. 3. Lye tour flumes, we channel we try we tie we cleanse. 4. Like airfoils cutting air there’s fireflight curved. 5. Like her falls I’ve lost what is […]

  • Christine Tierney

    THE ORANGE sits on my dashboard it has been there for 1 week– it has become a slouch a pucker a color I don’t know a demented tangerine an explosion of magenta-rot odorless and cold a burst of citrus-vein a flabby dimpled ass a cup of stringy soup The orange sits on my dashboard it […]

  • Emma Bolden

    THE STORY’S ALWAYS EASY First there is a once and the time upon which it stands. Then the place setting, obvious as a table. A copse of trees. A copse of starling corpses. A doctor’s office, its tedious wallpaper. Now you have the world and now you have a woman. Give her short legs and […]

  • Elliott Niblock

    OKONTO POND Over the pondwater, white blossom boon‘d branches ……….quake at the weight of wind, the mountain’s unmelted ……….snowtorched tip framed just over treetrop, as the bare-breath’d breeze ……….touches the water, surface-tension trembling in the sun, little lips of wet ……….light. April and everything Other again, rain-made and merciless- ……….ly-live among the perpetual pines, muskrats […]

  • James Crizer

    POMME DE TERRE I will play the lonely farmer, throw posture out with the bones, swallow all intent. Recall phonics, the forgotten definition of “hoe” amid its hosts of three-letter methodology. Reach to clean a potato as the handwritten letter falls limp and sops the wet counter. Hold the tact stolen from my face in […]

  • Megan Peak

    THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX The neck of me glows hard, glares long. Wreaths of hot breath shudder each curve of your signature down the length of my spine. For ten months, warning signs on the tips of your fingers: black-boned, burnt tree, early blooms. To speak nothing of the blow ……… to speak only of the […]