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  • Under Pressure: Oliver de la Paz

    Oliver de la Paz is the author of five collections of poetry, Names Above Houses, Furious Lullaby (SIU Press 2001, 2007), and Requiem for the Orchard (U. of Akron Press 2010), winner of the Akron Prize for poetry chosen by Martìn Espada, Post Subject: A Fable (U. of Akron Press 2014), and The Boy in […]

  • Brett Biebel

    SPAM FACTORY We ate cans of the stuff during the ’85-’86 strike.  Dad smuggled them out of the plant starting maybe six months prior.  One at a time.  He sensed it all coming, and so it was every smoke break and every lunch, and his whole life he never took vacation or sick leave or […]

  • Avalon Felice Lee

    LITTLE SOLDIER Before, I knew only what I must: pre-war, China; post-war, America. I was only nine then, watching you beneath an ancient breed of red lanterns, the grocery aisle awash in a cheap yellow native to San Francisco, a yellow made you look older than a grandmother. There was something different about how the […]

  • Jo Blair Cipriano

    a year after the rape, you attempt intimacy between your limbs and hers, a current sweat, powder, the gentle signs of erosion. you wanted this. how do you hide? your loyal fatretreats when touched: an ant follows the scent of its leader through unstirred dirt. memory transports itself the small legs of your griefwarm her […]

  • Suzannah Showler

    JUST TRY TO THINK OUTSIDE THE HOUSE Nighttime kingdom of porches, the passive castof radial light a staging ground for open secrets.As if shelter wasn’t a pretense, just another form of exposure, the feature passing itself as bug.Speaking of which, there are plenty of those—the kind that bring the drama, stroking air with last- ditch […]

  • courtney marie

    talking to strangers* late one night as the bar is closingsomeone i was talking to asks my name& though[we have very little in common /i never want to see them again /i hate my name]i tell them anyway then i lean close and whisperI DON’T KNOW WHO I AM it’s true (what they say) i […]

  • Hannah Dow

    I TURN AWAY After Fountain of Milk Spreading Itself Uselessly on Three Shoes by Salvador Dalí Plump and improbableas honeydew melons, such breasts,in real life, would topple the spire-waistedgirl beneath. As I consider my own and refuse to make of themsome banal comparison to fruit,I acknowledge Dalí wasn’t afterreal life, and in telling myself this […]

  • Laura Schmitt

    STORM CELLS We figured there was a problem, a rather serious one, when our son Landen started playing in the bathroom and only the bathroom. He would collect his action figures and stuffed animals from his bedroom and haul them to the bathroom off the kitchen, the one with the most interior walls. Sometimes he […]

  • Matthew Tuckner

    TO-DO LIST The human being is a series / of tendenciesthat need to be overcome / my dead grandmother saysin a dream and I am up / out of bedovercoming them / the first tendency being the questionwho am I? / I am in love with the words who am II have failed to overcome […]

  • Abbie Kiefer

    THEY’RE BUILDING A ROCKET THAT WILL FLY ITSELF to the moon. Only two seats, both spoken for —sold to an oligarch and his girlfriendor maybe a pair of website co-founders, but imagine itelseways: the first riders unremarkable. Strangers, side by side,watching a wide window and a plot of their arcinto hush and plush darkness. He […]