Category: 2018

  • Dāshaun Washington

    BLOSSOM I. I once felt the sun in the hearth of my mother’s bosom, burning like maple in winter’s eve – Her fragrant embers kissed my nose and tucked me in with a sheet of night upon my eyes. She told me a tale of the sacred flowers called women, which bloom in spring and […]

  • J. Bailey Hutchinson

    J. BAILEY HUTCHINSON TAKES PLAN B IN MARSEILLE styled after Christian Anton Gerard One of last night’s dark corners: J. Bailey Hutchinson palmed keys into her roommate’s pocket, in the club, the taxi—or maybe the alley where she knocked the bark clean off her knee. I knocked the bark clean off my knee, J. Bailey […]

  • Kayla E. and Laura Bullard

    Blasphemy is a loosely autobiographical comic about a nun named Charley and a witch named Petra. It is largely nonlinear, loosely narrative, and entirely true except for the parts we make up.  Kayla E. and Laura Bullard live together in a small town in North Carolina. Despite what the woman down the street thinks, they are engaged to be […]

  • Alex Ebel

    CLOSE TO HIM Brady modeled in his underwear. Flexing alone in his bedroom mirror, he contorted himself into the eighteen signature poses required of competitive bodybuilders. He’d release a deep breath at the end of each pose, naming the next out loud to himself before sucking in another gust of air. Bodybuilders give wild, toothy […]


    POETRY Graham BarnhartBailey CohenDorsey CraftMichelle DonahueKhaleel GhebaSam GilpinBrandie GrayHeather HamiltonRage HezekiahJ. Bailey HutchinsonDenise JarrottMichael MarberryPhilip SchaeferDāshaun Washington FICTION Janet DaleAlex EbelRaina K. PuelsSarah Van Bonn NONFICTION Christina HarringtonBrian McCurdyAram Mrjoian COMICS Blasphemy is a loosely autobiographical comic about a nun named Charley and a witch named Petra. It is largely nonlinear, loosely narrative, and entirely true […]

  • Khaleel Gheba

    AGAINST ITSELF The dead bird’s body, gah, seems a broken toy, its neck misaligned by factory error, and this description is obvious and pointless, contributes nothing. The dead bird’s body feels light, as if emptied out, which it is of course, those straw bones and paper feathers, which is lazy to paint such a thing […]

  • Bailey Cohen

    SYMBIOTIC Somehow it happened I was drinkingfrom the same river you bathed in you were busy with a beautiful woman she was burningthe hairs off your leg with nothingbut an empty glass bottle and sunlight what was it that you called her it was prettygirl it was tough chin it was purple neck pleaseI am […]

  • Philip Schaefer

    HOW TO LICK A KNIFE First a certain friend must dietoo young in the middle of the night. Then spenda dragonfly’s entire afterlife ironing a tablecloth, a tuxedofilled with moths, the unfamiliar rivers flooding through the farmlandon the back of your hand. Then slide a blade through the brainof a cantaloupe and scoop with the […]

  • Raina K. Puels

    GREEN ETERNITY I never thought I’d work with dead bodies. When I went through beauty school, I pictured working in a salon with big windows and lots of gossip. I thought I’d sweep floors until I could afford to rent my own chair. Then the fancy cemetery opened. Fancy isn’t the right word. Different, yes. […]

  • Denise Jarrott

    GOLD BOOK Everything in New York that reminded me of you was gold-edged or cool to the touch. I was trying not to fall in love with artifice. The pages, the white vines on ceilings the garlands through windows. Can you help me be a more contained thing? Could you help me quit leaving hairpins […]