Dying of the Already Dead by Gloria Ceren
Dying of the Already Dead by Gloria Ceren




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Ceren’s work investigates the complexities that arise from being in a body that identifies as other. She chooses not to define such a term because to define is to place limitation. Through multidisciplinary projects in painting, video, and more recently performance, Ceren explores her hybridized identity. Embracing a feminist sensibility, she posits the various conditions of her difference with that which encompasses her immediate experienced sphere. The work strives towards freedom of action that is for the individual over collective measures. We are in a time where idiosyncrasy needs to be embraced! We live in an inane moment in our history, so why not extrapolate from such absurdity?

Gloria Ceren was born and raised in south east Texas, a mecca for all things diverse. She received her undergraduate degree in painting from the University of Houston, in the fall of 2014 and is currently finalizing her MFA at the University of South Florida, Tampa. Ceren has exhibited her work nationally in notable institutions such as: The Warwick Museum of Art in Warwick, The Blaffer Art Museum in Houston, DiverseWorks, Houston, Inman Gallery, Houston, and Tempus Projects in Tampa. Ceren has been the recipient of the Larsen and Palmer Fund, 2016 and received a gold key from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, 2010. She is an instructor of record for beginning drawing at the University of South Florida. Find her work here: http://www.gloriaceren.com

The series is a mixture of film and digital work which attempts to uncover a phenomenological sense of the world. I have recently become interested in overlaying photographs and videos, creating pieces that can be taken as a whole in the formalist sense, or broken down into separate visual layers. The overlaying of these images from London, the Bay Area, Poland, and elsewhere, bleeds time and memory, reflecting space and time as simultaneous and reflexive, muddled with colours and outlines that meet. The images do not exist in one moment but overlap, contrast and complement each other in ways that complicate ideas of linear movement, the overall shapes of the images relying on the interconnecting parts of each photograph.

Klara Feenstra is from London, her work is primarily invested with phenomenology, gender, technology, and consciousness. You can find her work in Metatron, Bottlecap Press, Gatehouse press, Ink, Sweat and Tears, amongst others. Follow her work here: www.instagram.com/kqueenstra