Letter from the Editor, February

Dear internet audience,

No one told me it would be easy to do this. When I sat around with my fellow editors and asked them on board, I didn’t know what it meant to start a journal, here we are now into our third issue.

I’m proud to host this humble blog to share with you our favorite work submitted.
I’ll have to apologize also for the delay in putting this issue out. I’m taking that route where I get an MFA in writing and seeing where that takes me. For all of our editors, this is a part-time gig and I’m very happy to see how dedicated they are to reading and selecting their favorites. We debate over which ones we want in our issue, but it takes a bit of time to do these things.

We’re all working and have busy schedules and as much as we’d like to present to you with the best of the best each month, we’ve decided for our sake to switch over to a quarterly format. With that, I invite people to submit their best works and tell all your friends too! Our next issue will arrive in the summer and we hope this will also be good for you too. We want to be able to include more poetry, more fiction, and more memoir/essay stuff in the near future!

This issue was a tough one to decide on, but we had to be hard on ourselves and on some submissions. We don’t want to put out work that hasn’t been clearly crafted or have someone be published that wouldn’t be proud of it down the road. It’s tough to send out your first rejection. As the Chief Editor, I read every submission and I wish I could be personal with each one. I’m always happy to read them and see that all sorts of people are writing. I don’t want to discourage people, so if I ever send you a rejection, believe me when I say, “Keep writing!”

This month was tough on prose and we couldn’t decide on a 500 Word Challenge Winner, but that doesn’t mean we won’t do it again. We had a lot of poetry to choose from, so much in fact that we’ve decided to roll-over some submissions for the next month! We’re very happy with our fiction and nonfiction selections too. All our submissions are beautifully written and embody our “Boiler” attitude. I’ve rambled on enough, if you took the time to read this, good on you, maybe drop a note to The Boiler email even and tell me something. I promise I’ll read it. I’d rather you get on to reading our beautiful third issue.


Sebastian Paramo