Category: Fiction

  • Lucy Zhang

    BLUEBEARD’S SISTER Her brother leads his wives to their deaths. It happens like clockwork: the wife–maybe willowy and tall like the tree swaying near the mansion, brushing against the windows without scratching the glass, maybe short and compact, a package of spitfire and sass, maybe soft and curved with that childlike plumpness witches like to […]

  • Stephanie C. Trott

    (NO) VACANCY Marlene has been inside me for nearly two years. Six hundred and ninety-four days, if you’re counting, and I have been from the start. Possession isn’t something one comes into slowly but rather all at once, like jumping off the high dive at the community swimming pool. You’re just minding your own business […]

  • Colleen Mayo

    WITH SUSANNA Susanna and I sit like queens outside her restaurant on South Congress. She’s ordered us oysters, ham, and plates of tiny salted pickles that cost more than a pack of cigarettes. The windowsills are lined with baskets of cacti. We’re different now. Grown, although acting like teenagers as we flirt with Paul, one […]

  • Anne Carney

    BARBIE DEATH STAR Sometimes Joan thinks she sees her daughter Shannon–just a flash of her as the light shifts through the sheer curtains. Sometimes the feeling almost seems to solidify beside her on the couch or behind her elbow, as she butters toast in the kitchen–just waiting to snatch one of the pieces from Joan’s […]

  • K-Ming Chang

    SWALLOWER We brought the woman our hands to swallow. She stood at the intersection where ghosts were known to knit themselves into gloves, sheathing the hands of drivers and misdirecting them into telephone poles and duplexes and each other. The woman called us her daughters and claimed she could swallow anything if we paid her. […]

  • Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

    OF THE NATURAL WORLD Three hours after Charlie left for college, her parents stood in her blank bedroom, running their hands along the dust on her empty bookshelf. “What do we do now?” Janie’s voice echoed against the walls. Rob examined the tiny holes where Charlie’s posters had hung. “I think we’re supposed to take […]

  • L.M. Davenport

    BALLAD II “Your own true love, that I’ll have, and more— But thou shalt never come ashore.” —trad. English folk song My one true love says the lights on the windmills look like eyeshine, flickering in and out of visible in the half-dark. He says this as we are driving through a forest of them, […]

  • Dustin M. Hoffman

    PIKE’S DEATHBED BLAZES ON Pike told me, over lunchbreak burritos, how him and his old lady set the bedspread on fire again last night. Second time this month, tenth time this year. I kept a secret tally, marked in orange paint, inside the work trailer’s wall. I expected Pike to die any day. It’s not […]

  • Sarah Mollie Silberman

    SURVEY You have been selected to complete a survey. The purpose of the survey is to gain information about your health and wellness. Your answers are confidential; they are used only for policy research and to better understand the health challenges Americans face today. Participation is voluntary. There is no penalty if you decline to […]

  • McKenzie Zalopany

    BUENA VISTA BONDED “Binch, we are out front open up,” Matty yells in a fake cop voice, while pounding on my front door. My dog Samson makes a motion to get up and thinks better of it. Even he doesn’t approve of her and Seraphina, who I know is close behind Matty. Last night, Seraphina […]