Author: Editorial Team

  • Bernardo Wade

    WHO DWELT AMONG US Manresa House of Retreats in Covenant, Louisiana Beneath the long armof the Mississippi,an ivory estate gleamsamongst verdant acres,receding to the swamp. Dewy jasmine ascendsits walls, not wild, butmanicured, like the rectorwho, I see, narrow inon a flower & lip himself a prayer; a rosary swaysfrom his grip. Nothingquestions the silence, until,by […]

  • Grace Q. Song

    GIRLS TEXT MESSAGING Actually, I need help with calc. Yourbangs look like a skirt. I’m eating thechocolates you sent me. Where are you going?Don’t answer. Keep youreyes on the road. Soon, we’ll allfly away to Mars. That’s where thegood dogs go, my sister says. Tellher about the postcard fromItaly that fit in the wing of […]

  • Casey Bell

    DIRT TO SEA I am lying on the wet pavement. I bring my fingers to my face and where there should be bone, there is wetness and softness. My right eye is swollen shut. Blood flows from my broken nose down the back of my throat. I swallow it, warm and metallic, to keep from […]

  • Rob Colgate

    LITANY OF UNNCESSARY LETTERS In the field with you:how the sprinklers turnedon. How you tookyour hand, how it held,then moved, then movedme; how I held stillwhile it happened.How it ended.How I don’t hold itagainst you; how I shouldthough while the fieldsits silent. How insteadI am writing this letterwith the same hand.How you used to ravehow […]

  • Amanda Gaines

    AFTER ANOTHER BREAKUP, I PLAY STEVIE WONDER’S “AS” & DRIVE THROUGH OKLAHOMA THINKING HOW ALL THE LAKES ARE MAN MADE Just once, I’d like to step into something that could drown mewithout worrying about dying. Okay, soI’m not really talking about lakes, here. Okay, so I knewas soon as he punched that window while I […]

  • Laura Schmitt

    STORM CELLS We figured there was a problem, a rather serious one, when our son Landen started playing in the bathroom and only the bathroom. He would collect his action figures and stuffed animals from his bedroom and haul them to the bathroom off the kitchen, the one with the most interior walls. Sometimes he […]

  • Haolun Xu

    ATLAS, AT LAST Perhaps I did defeat the past. Yet it grew, nevertheless.When time continues, it will be a form of mercy.Meanwhile, they say forgiveness is the truest weapon.As proof, something in the light yesterday twisted the moon.When the morning of tomorrow breaks, perhaps so will we.I told everyone when J. died, I’ll try to liveharder, […]

  • Brian Chander Wiora

    LOVE LANGUAGE We had love’s routine pared down to the bone, pare,from pere, which is Hindi, a language everyone asked if I spoke.And at those long dinners that were more wine than food, you looking at your phone, at picturesof people you thought were beautiful,I would think about the few phrases I knew. In the […]

  • Ally Harris

    POEM AS A LETTER TO MY MOTHER You’re always yelling at me to stop having sex. This time I’m a bitch deflecting, saying I already feel bad so why push it? We’re at my grandmother’s apartment when I notice your chin. Its flesh peels like the rind of an orange, and right in the middle […]

  • Robin Gow

    rental car is everything splendid borrowed?you let me read your Rita Dove books& i didn’t write in themknowing i would have to returneach cracked spine to your shelf.your room smelled like cactus candle& brushed teeth. the window laughedflecks of car tire alley you miss what you took from me?i miss removing your shirtsfrom the […]