Flower Field by Claire Moral


In my work, I seek to use bright colors and magical imagery to create a moment of transcendence. Like everyone else in the world, I found myself overwhelmed and anxious at the start of 2020. Life felt dark and heavy and there was nowhere to go, nothing to do. I found myself drawing dream worlds, alien landscapes, fruits with faces, surreal and delightful imagery that felt far away from the world around me. During this time I was very interested in the idea of different colors being able to affect our emotional states. This interest bled into my color palettes, turning the dreamworlds bright, vivid and intensely saturated. I found a sense of purpose in putting happy, fun, colorful, crazy, positive images out into the world for others to see. I hope to inspire others to find happiness and reach for their dreams and not let the heaviness of the world keep them down. I hope my art can be a reprieve from the worries of life and a source of encouragement and light.