Cecilia Savala


Fit: archaic, from the Old English—Circa AD 888: a poem in
sections, a part. In pieces, to be tied. Canto. To dance. Fit: to do lists
esp. in January. A holiday verb: to fit into yoga pants, to lose 35
pounds, 30 inches, to fit in a workout. To fit in: one of the nameless
masses. Buff. Shredded. To weigh in on a suitable quality, standard,
type. AD 1325: Conflict. Struggle. Fit: market psychology’s consensus
of the condition of being physically well. Strong. Powerful. Healthy,
esp. by regular physical exercise: to be the right shape. Muscular.
Tough. To fulfill a particular role: i.e. fit to be a mother. To meet the
required purpose as set forth. Impersonal, to agree: obsolete, late 16th
century. To make fit, to render as competent, to force. The prescribed
formula: three times per week. Mass times the force of gravity: to
determine a particular position or place. Vigorous. Trim. To fit: to
occupy a specific size, shape, or number. Fit: appropriate and
correct. Worthy. Except: to have a fit.

Cecilia Savala is a student at the University of Central Missouri where she is majoring in English Education and is the Editor in Chief of Arcade Magazine. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Pleiades, Barrelhouse, and Mangrove Journal, among others.