I was inspired to stage and shoot the series “Let’s Eat Baby!” after my labmate, who was originally from Louisiana, brought a King’s Cake to the office for Mardi Gras and left the small plastic baby out of the pastry, thinking that ignorant Texans would freak out. I thought that one baby wouldn’t be so alarming, but a plethora of babies, distributed evenly and liberally through a food item? Nauseating! 

“Let’s Eat Baby!” is about how we, as a capitalist society, eat our young. As much as I dislike intergenerational conflict, it is undeniable that a certain generation has left subsequent generations with a bereft economy and unstoppable climate catastrophes, all while normalizing abundance and excess as commonly accepted standards of living. Being on the receiving end, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to illustrate the disturbing humor of the situation, so here we are! 


Grace Sydney Pham is a self-taught photographer and second generation Vietnamese American based in Fort Worth, Texas. She enjoys shooting digital photos as well as medium format and instant film, and looks to photographers Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons, and the late Ren Hang as major influences. Visit her website here.