Rachel Hinton


Stupid tree shit-ass land got hit in the head
now it’s cropped up a few organelles without cells and should we even
barring the loss of a whole other spring spare this
Is it even a good idea Can we be doing this right now
Can the life of this spike ground in sepsis, create vitamins
in the light Has it shot before it thought
Orange pink silver blue maybe we shouldn’t
have done all 4 colors today
Can I trust the raw moon cloud push
on the branch it flaps like I’ll create
Though our sky gave just 1 tree’s worth
of chemical churchlight tonight and now it is
done dislodged running to some dumb field else

Originally from Vermont, Rachel Hinton lives in Chicago, where she works as an editor and teacher. Her poems have appeared in Cimarron Review, SOFTBLOW, the Denver Quarterly, Apt, and other journals.