Kayla E. and Laura Bullard

Blasphemy, no. 1 by Kayla and Laura
Blasphemy, no. 2 by Kayla and Laura
Blasphemy, no. 3 by Kayla and Laura

Blasphemy is a loosely autobiographical comic about a nun named Charley and a witch named Petra. It is largely nonlinear, loosely narrative, and entirely true except for the parts we make up. 

Kayla E. and Laura Bullard live together in a small town in North Carolina. Despite what the woman down the street thinks, they are engaged to be married and are neither “roommates” nor “sisters.” Kayla is an artist and designer and serves as editor in chief of Nat. Brut, an art and literary magazine. Laura is a writer and fact-checker and works as nonfiction co-editor of Nat. Brut.