Jessica Lee

all overdone rhododendron poised and petaled all pluming
some toothsome jam jars cracked open and seeded all pushing
and thumping and thawing galoshes all humming and honeyed
fingers all deciduous narcissus and vernal color all
teeming and molten underpinnings dripping all hungry
for licking all tonguing and sapping and ebbing and bedding
all frothing trumpeting release and consuming all
iris and rushing and coming rhododendron all
morphing and skirted azalea all laughter deciduous all clustered
and soured and stinging all sticky and rooted all falling
and sudden preening all swelling and seeding all culminating
budding and ebullition all bedecked openings trilling all
freckled and fertile dewing all hyacinth humming all hungry
and waiting and wanting and coming and falling and coming
all passing unshod and fleeting all molten and stinging
all frothing and coming and falling and wanting and wanting

Trying to bake a cake from sand

All daughters see history differently           than their makers
so inevitably   she will say it didn’t go       that way that
I’m trying to bake a cake   from sand trying
to paint her evil        yet these details real
        as expired yogurt    though the reckoning    
may be extra-frilled blue mold ringing the corners          
of the can     ister, sinister          retelling        of a silver spoon
life    metal against metal always made me           plug my ears
couldn’t put the clean forks    into the drawer    ever  you’ll notice
my father isn’t here    what’s left out says as much
as what’s written     mother this is me saying don’t listen to Freud
or me            I love Donna Reed on the screen yes       and her tight
of a home but           I’d never trade you in for pearls


Jessica Lee is the poetry editor of Sweet Tree Review and holds a BA in Creative Writing from Western Washington University.  Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in American Literary Review, BOAAT, cream city review, DIAGRAM, and Fugue, among others.