Best of the Net nominations 2016

We’re happy to announce our nominations for the Best of the Net this year!!

With each year of our existence, we continue to be both astonished and devastated by the talent and work of our authors that we publish. Read our nominees below and join us in celebrating their work. 


Sarah A. ChavezDear Carole, I Wait to Stop Feeling Hungry

Ángel García – Stampede

Jim Redmond – For All Those I Have Loved

Nicole Steinberg – Have You Considered Moving Somewhere Else?

Naima Woods – Euglogy Covenants

Emily Paige Wilson – The Fortune Tell Predicts A Journey


Blake Kimzey – The Quiet

Monique McIntosh – Bug


Timothy Gomez – A List of Things I’ve Watched Die

Eric Tran – 10 Rebuttals to a Clickbait Headline