Jessica K Baer


When we were in orbit when we were
accelerating consistency planes under
water chain corral gone thru
the interstitiary of polyps living &
dead the top lights skeleton
sliding back inside
the lobed mouth which
words run out
my hard riding horses their
own is a counterfeit

self / my spaceship mundus
borders at nominal working green
teemed animals, trots beams & trot it
replicated by slants, which we were
entrancing at base
camp of tetraktys, my maternal
mirror referent or the resonant frequency of a
surfaces nonfigurative right
side up thru corpse field
fenceposts a life horse sized
grave a lea – inapperceptable
where I could rest in cognitions
wheels of the contracted
pronouns are you
riveting studs as he / she tear
ducts opening back a garden
that lattices unexitable
& the ponies of
cowboys starve on lucidity
glitter here
figures of a desert
scraping human at the frothed
bit axis mundi, crackles on
the radio receiver
instantaneous recalled to state

that show me horses there
is no red

marker & as singularity skins
knees ducking as the voice
goes in the ground, I do
equivocal w you: terra/aqueous
performs, as we in analog & in
ducts disengaged each


& my mother is still
dead lay them ponies to

apex a self averting

abalone eternal ear
ring collapse super structured
virulently circle godlets

a molluskular architect
wheregenital, orb thresh
holds absence
delirium ideo-motorized
feedback loop: objects in
cessation imago
chrysalid stumbled non-languaged
as hoof re-iterates to nail
a gestural co-ordinative
wet excursus inter
mundia: roan stop
gap, what animal parts,
lopes green, I elopes
green, as-in occults
cargo relays, desperately
womb w o sides scrapes
at itself, reticent
sites thems the rodeo
breaks – enters in to him
lossless / ore conduit
imperatively over

that factory horse
-shoes wear down
rewiring caracole half
turns alive half in
determinate field death & the
pasture thru
composed chords
no where instance playing
back the king
fisher nests
ripped out the
coralspine reanimated-as
arcs rearrive their
notches were-given behind
of ocean almosttones
re: currency, tide
breaks the alpha
betting horses


Jessica K Baer received their BA in Creative Writing from Georgia State University in 2011. They live and do field rechordings in Jersey City. Their work has been featured in Fruita Pulp, Horse Less Review, Deluge Journal, Prelude, and Sugar Mule, and is forthcoming in La Vague. They have a lifetime ban from Whole Foods and love horses.