Best of the Net Nominations 2015

We’re pleased to announce this year’s nominations for Best of the Net 2015!!


Rachel Eliza Griffiths, “My Dress Hangs There
Jenny Molberg, “Phosphene
Paige Quiñones, “Summer, Or Daughters I Haven’t Met
Greg Solano, “Light in the Mountains
Caitlin Thomson, “Tithe
Claire Wahmanholm, “My Life As A Nightjar


Petrina Crockford, “Birth
Zach VandeZande, “A Necessary Fiction


Heidi Czerwiec, “My Son’s Brother
Lori White, “Zanies

With each year of our existence, we continue to be both astonished and devastated by the talent and work of our authors that we publish. Each year grows to be even more difficult when it comes to choosing our best of. 

In selecting these, we hope you enjoy not only our nominees, but go back and read our archives to find some of our other amazingly talented writers.