Winter XIV

The Boiler - Winter 2014
Cover Art: Conversation by Rachel Mulder


K.T. Billey
Amy Carlberg
Lauren Camp
Justin Carter
Kallie Falandays
Rachel Eliza Griffiths
Jane Huffman
Alex Lemon
Anna Meister
Matt W. Miller
Larry Narron
Greg Solano
July Westhale


Beth Bretl
Jon Chopan
Andrew Nicholls
Zach VandeZande


Lori White
Gina Williams


Apocryphal by Lisa Marie Basile reviewed by Janae Green
Mezzanines by Matthew Olzmann reviewed by Jeffrey W. Peterson




Rachel Mulder
is a draftswoman living in Portland, Oregon. She grew up in rural Wisconsin and received her BFA in Printmaking from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2007. Constantly yearning for the happy accident prevalent in traditional printmaking, Mulder uses a typewriter to create large-scale works on paper while she produces smaller works embodying similarly obsessive and formulaic methods of drawing.
Cover Art: “Conversations,”Rachel Mulder, 2014

Erica Parrott is a graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and lives and works in Naples, Florida. Her work oscillates between cryptic and relatively universal, sincerely enthusiastic and darkly ironic.