Fall Issue XIII

Fall2014, The Boiler
Cover Art: The Legs Would Be the New Transporters,” Kari Garon, 2013


Megan Collins
Vanessa Jimenez Gabb
Laura Anne Heller
Amorak Huey
Kathleen Jones
M.P. Jones IV
Les Kay
Ariana Nadia Nash

F. Daniel Rzicznek
sam sax
Brittney Scott
Jeff Whitney


Kirsten Aguilar
Petrina Crockford
Brian Porter


Heidi Czerwiec
Donald J Mitchell
Linsey Scriven




Kari Garon is a multidisciplinary artist from Milwaukee, WI. Primarily recognized for her prints and collages of figurative forms, she communicates through intimate illustrative drawings and object making. Garon’s work often focuses on addressing the contemporary political and sociological issues of identity, multiculturalism, and the American ideal. More specifically, the continual fluctuation between real and imaginary personas creates a cast of characters in an attempt to cope with a multiplicity of intersecting identities; each seeking to understand historical and contemporary issues of power and agency. Her artwork has been seen in solo shows through out the state of Wisconsin and group exhibitions internationally.
Cover Art:  The Legs Would Be the New Transporters,” Kari Garon, 2013

Pete Madzelan resides in New Mexico with his wife and cat, Manny. He has had fiction and poetry published in literary journals, including Poydras Review, Cigale Literary, Bellowing Ark, Wind, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and Scapegoat Review. Photography in New Mexico Magazine, Epiphany-epiphmag.com, Bellingham Review, Apeiron Review, San Pedro River Review, Switchback, Off the Coast, Foliate Oak, convergence: journal of poetry and art, and others.