Peter Schireson


Man seeking
woman seeking man
wants to be your
one and only whole man
your heavy metal biker
be your introverted
soulful hypo-allergenic
Green Party Buddha,
your modern hungry ghost
your Russian fetish with a
tat, pierced, be the
brand new hot pink
thing you’re craving
sweeter than your last thing
bigger than your other thing
be the one who scrambles
up your eggs be your man seeking
solace and a woman seeking
refuge in a quiet little corner.
Call or write.


Last night I used up the world
Prowling through my medical charts,
Shambling around the house
Like a penguin till dawn
When I lay worn out
On the living room floor,
Another night of sleep elided.
The house, chaotic at bedtime,
Grew serene as you slept.
As daybreak clambered over the hilltop,
A score of sparrows fluttered
Into the sky, writing the secrets
Of the avian world in manic cursive.
I stopped charting stars,
Started the coffee, and emailed Dr. Eisenberg
For an appointment, hoping
For the dullness of a routine exam.


Peter Schireson is a Zen Buddhist priest and teacher who lives in California. His writing (poems mostly) has appeared or is forthcoming in Post Road, Grey Sparrow Journal, New Delta Review, Naugatuck River Review, and other journals.