Spring Launch and Contest News

The new issue of The Boiler is out! We had some phenomenal work sent to us and we apologize for the major delay in getting it together. Normally, we aim to release issues within the first week of each season’s month. However, many of us on staff do this on a volunteer basis with no monetary compensation. For me personally this time around things have been hectic and because I do the majority of the website management, the release was delayed until the real first day of Spring. (Off by a few days, but we did it!)

As for the contest, we’ve narrowed it down to the final selection and hope to have some winners soon. We will announce the winners on our blog and publish them in the upcoming Summer issue. So if you haven’t heard from us yet, that means you’re still in the running. However, our goal again is to make the announcement as soon as possible. We understand the frustration with the waiting game in submitting pieces.

This space here will be used to inaugurate our blog space. Our editors hope to publish something here on a month to month basis. We’re trying it out, but we are opening it up to outside writers. If you have a blog entry idea, pitch us a story or interview idea. Post ideas will ideally be 500-1200 words in length.

In this issue we explore stories, birds, fruits, definitions of words, the mythic, friendships where you’re willing to make excuses to leave work to spot someone, that terrible cousin you gossip about, the world of celebrity, among other things.

We hope you enjoy. Keep writing readers.