Allie Marini Batts


we sit, a bitter wine between us, vinegar to share in mismatched glasses.
we have a candle burning in the bottle from another lost night, dripping down the sides,
trails of wax in its wake, casting light on a jar of olives that we share.
I let you suck the pimentos from the center because I don’t like them,
not because you do.


Allie Marini Batts is an alumna of New College of Florida. Her chapbook, “With This Ring” was a 2012 finalist for the Casey Shay Press annual Mary Ballard award. She is a research writer and is pursuing her MFA degree in Creative Writing through Antioch University Los Angeles. Allie’s publications can be found on her author’s blog or to read her book reviews and literary blogging, visit Bookshelf Bombshells.