Letter from the Editor, January

Letter from the editor:

Dear Reader:

Our previous issue of The Boiler was our inaugural issue and with my own excitement of putting words out there in the world, I never got to thank all those who contributed to our issue. I won’t lie and I’ll say with both of these issues, it wouldn’t be possible to make them happen without friends and great colleagues. I’m very proud of the staff I have and our contributors.

When I told myself I was going to start this project, even my friends, I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I’m still not sure if I’m doing this right, but my gut tells me we’re going in the right direction. There was a point when I was in high school where I thought it was so cool to have zines. Then I started writing and finding out about journals in college and I remember some of my mentors telling me, so and so started a journal. Some people thought it was on a whim, that I started this, but truthfully it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’m lucky enough to have come to a place where I’ve grown and made good friends to do this with. I’s funny, the first name I had for this back in the college days was Elsewhere Magazine. As a joke. Then when I came to graduate school and sitting around with some friends we started joking about calling it, the rice bowl. But then I got to day dreaming and discovered idea of The Boiler. It fits.

The number of submissions we got for this issue was surprising.The first issue definitely helped and my thanks goes out to New Pages, Duotrope and, of course the word of mouth method. I didn’t expect for it to take off like that. Our philosophy is that we feel we are advocates of the work we publish and we feel with all those journals out there, there’s a lot of strength and support for an online community of writers. I’m very happy with what we’re able to show you as a result. We hope that you, dear reader in turn do the same and enjoy our second issue.

Sebastian Paramo