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    POETRY Sean Cho A.TR BradyDespy BoutrisMónica GomeryChelsea HarlanGabrielle Grace HoganAnthony Thomas LombardiIrène P. MathieuRita MookerjeeOlivia MuenzDustin PearsonRicky RayJacob SaenzJaz SufiFargo Nissim TbakhiRoss White FICTION Kathleen GullionColleen MayoR.S. PowersStephanie C. TrottLucy Zhang ESSAYS Elijah HayesHan VanderHart THE BOILER PRIZE Selected by Kendra Allen Winner: A. ShaikhRunner-Up: Aimee Herman ART Jamaal Peterman has developed a highly encoded […]

  • Jaz Sufi

    ACKNOWLEDGMENTS after Franny Choi What a gift it was, your dick inside me. Thank youto the man who gave generously, saw my bodyas a charity. I giggle when a new man tells mean old joke and pulls a bouquet out from the trashlike a magician. Thank you for recycling.Man who calls me his mother’s name, […]

  • R.S. Powers

    THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH He gets down on one knee with a waxy smile. He pops an old glasses case and points at me a .22-bullet-sized inset that gleams like a blood-dark shard of church glass. I’ve seen the ring on his mom. Will you marry me? he trumpets and everyone outside Cinderella’s Castle […]

  • Lucy Zhang

    BLUEBEARD’S SISTER Her brother leads his wives to their deaths. It happens like clockwork: the wife–maybe willowy and tall like the tree swaying near the mansion, brushing against the windows without scratching the glass, maybe short and compact, a package of spitfire and sass, maybe soft and curved with that childlike plumpness witches like to […]

  • Stephanie C. Trott

    (NO) VACANCY Marlene has been inside me for nearly two years. Six hundred and ninety-four days, if you’re counting, and I have been from the start. Possession isn’t something one comes into slowly but rather all at once, like jumping off the high dive at the community swimming pool. You’re just minding your own business […]

  • Rita Mookerjee

    ELEGY IN AUGUST TOWN The taxi man asks how I am coping with the recent incidentson Hermitage Road. When I ask what happened he says violence and before he tells me about the young man, I already know exactlywhat happened. He says violence and the word bursts from its skin, a word that leaves more […]

  • Sean Cho A.

    ACCORDING TO science I Should be deadbut as a boy I was toldthe story of the manwho lived a weekor so insidethe stomach of a whaleand you still wonderwhy I’ve been carelessSix months agoyou found mewith nicotine patchesstuck to my templesyelling at the GodsWhat else can you expectfrom me With a facelike that how could […]

  • Ross White

    TENDER OFFER Nothing in this world is ever what it sounds like.Not the northern shrike, an aggressive mimic,a predator resembling prey, who in summer keepssilent, in winter opens throat to resemblesmaller songbirds, luring eager passerines to the source of the song,nor the prospective acquirer,who during a hostile takeover may proposea tender offer, the premium over […]

  • Kathleen Gullion

    I CAN SHOW YOU HOW They could be talking about anything. I’m only paying attention to whether or not I can picture their fingers in my mouth. But they’re giving me a history lesson about Bridgeport and they have been for the past fifteen minutes. The gangs. The best shaved ice at 31st and Halsted. […]

  • Jacob Saenz

    SISTERS AT WORK Mother’s first job consisted of dusting& cleaning downtown offices of menin starched suits while she & her sisterwore uniforms slightly stained & frayed They wiped down phones & fax machinesw/worn rags, sucked up dirt on shag rugsusing Hoover vacuum cleaners w/cordscoiling on floors like slim, limp pythons Sometimes when changing out garbage […]