Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2019

2019, Announcements

We’re pleased to announce our Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2019


Threa Almontaser, “Ablution With Zem Zem Water” (Summer, 30)
Michelle Donahue, “Preservation” (Winter, 29)


Jackie Chhieng. “Sabrina Nguyen At The 7-Eleven On Lombard” (Summer, 30)
Sarah E. Ruhlen, “Open Water” Summer, 30)


Rowan Lucas, “Water of the Womb” Summer, 30)
Aram Mrjoian, “Animal Kingdom” (Winter, 29)

Pushcart Nominations 2016

2016, Blog

We’re happy to announce our nominations for the Pushcart this year!!

With each year of our existence, we continue to be both astonished and devastated by the talent and work of our authors that we publish. Read our nominees below and join us in celebrating their work.

Chelsea DingmanObedience
Trista EdwardsEquinox
Ángel GarcíaAntipode II 
Hannah Lee JonesDaughter of Cain
Phillip Scott MandelI Swallowed The Sword Of Shannara And Lived To Tell This Tale About It 
Anna Doogan – Heart(lands)