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  • Under Pressure: Mike Soto

    A Grave Is Given Supper, Mike Soto Mike Soto is the author of the chapbooks, Beyond the Shadow’s Ink, and Dallas Spleen. He received his MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and was awarded the James Merrill Poetry Fellowship by Vermont Studio Center in 2019. His debut collection of poetry, A Grave Is Given Supper, has been adapted into an original literary-theatrical […]

  • Mike Soto

    FUE EL ESTADO In the beginning there was murder, & out of murder shadows & barking ran up to read ciphers on walls, cold-blooded creatures plotted their revenge behind smoke. Under pointy brims names crossed out from grocery lists, fates determined by the jeweled hands of a father who landed his first born into a […]

  • Mike Soto

    PALOMA NEGRA OR, SAYING NO (MEANING YES) What I remember—getting tapped on the shoulder, eyes like invitations to edge the lake, her nakedness like a moon to my fingertips, on my tongue, a glowing I could taste. Doors that opened to the pennies of a field, getting chased by lightning, waking with blackened fingernails. From […]