Tag: Flash Contest

  • Tara Deal

    CITY/LIVING April On the subway, a warning: “In NYC, it is illegal to paint a real gun to look like a toy, and it is illegal to buy a toy gun that looks real.” On the sidewalk, springlike, chartreuse, my new beginning, then three teenagers. One pulls out a gun that looks like a toy. […]

  • Michael Torres

    ON BEING REMEK Remek means a JanSport backpack stocked with Krylons. Remek is memory. It means a bedroom window splintered open for fingertips to find the way back in. It means friends in black hoodies and jeans hopping into someone’s mother’s Astro van. New York fat caps and German thin tips like dice in your […]

  • Kayleb Rae Candrilli

    ATTEMPTING TO TEACH IN A DESERT The blonde boy in my composition class is a snarky one. He, unlike the others, understands the semi colon and the tonal aside. I am attracted to him for this. He condemns the prison industrial complex, the decline of credible news resources, and writes satirical analyses of country songs. […]

  • Samantha Deal

    PRESCRIPTIONS FOR PEDIATRIC ICU & POST-SURVIVAL SUCCESS Watch television in the morning and wait until the afternoon to use crayons; watch cartoons first, then devote everything you have to THE SANDLOT. Be careful with sunlight. You should never imagine the weight of a broken-in baseball, should never think of tree houses or flashlights. Twice a […]

  • Patrick Swaney

    A WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT THE MAPLEWOOD This is a story near the end. This is you and me and a pitcher of Miller Lite and a pitcher of Miller Lite and a pitcher of Miller Lite. This is the girl on the barstool with a birdcage tattoo on her back flirting with the boys shooting pool. This […]