Day: June 29, 2016

  • Darren C. Demaree

    NUDE MALE WITH ECHO #93 There’s a lake near my house near my body & all three of us are full of road signs & the vehicles that follow road signs. The guiltless piling inside the guilty, that will change the scenery, that will ruin all of the beliefs. Initially, I was just incredibly lonely. […]

  • Kyle Vaughn

    FIREBIRD DREAM I was driving a 78 Pontiac and had a sore throat. With my slag halo, I could rip twilight from a blonde evening. Cars were harder then— bone-black body, ashy wheels— I didn’t need to be clean. I believed in death-bed deliverance and magic words lit like an arcade. I insisted on undoing […]

  • James Dulin

    the man in the picture on my nightstand i don’t remember anything my grandfather said or the sound of him. i remember praying over his picture at night, back when i prayed. i remember the night my parents called my brother and i into their bedroom to tell us he died. i don’t remember what […]


                                    POETRY E. Kristin Anderson Jacqueline Boucher Christopher Citro & Dustin Nightingale Kristina Marie Darling Darren C. Demaree Chelsea Dingham James Dulin Andrea England Sophia Galifianakis Ángel Garcia Amanda Huynh Hannah Lee Jones Joe Milazzo Katie Prince Kyle Vaughn Anna […]

  • Joseph Alan Hasinger

    WELL, I HEARD YOU LOVE ME On the way to dinner at the Adams’s house I kill one of their peacocks. Traci and I have been at it the whole ride over. She’s just said the word divorce, which makes twice in one week. I look at her, try to read her face in the […]

  • Danny Judge

    A SMALL TOWN PASTORAL  I. The walkthrough went well until I mentioned my son, at which point her demeanor changed radically. I didn’t know what The Insurance Woman knew: she wasn’t allowed to deny an applicant solely because they have a child. She feigned disappointment, like I’d just given her the bad news. She affected […]

  • Joe Milazzo

    MONETARY VELOCITY A piece of paper taped to one of the doors tells you: “look like a government” as a shot garbles again. The building couples with broken screens. You kneel, a hose running from that same piece of paper. Seeing new cities, you start a problem. Your whole talk of black helicopters, a gym, […]

  • Phillip Scott Mandel

    I SWALLOWED THE SWORD OF SHANNARA AND LIVED TO TELL THIS TALE ABOUT IT Over the summer at Jonah Yustein’s Bar Mitzvah they gave out itchy purple t-shirts that said, “I survived a whale of a time at Jonah Yustein’s Bar Mitzvah” and Jess Feingold wore it on the first day of school. We ate shrimp cocktails […]

  • Hannah Lee Jones

    DAUGHTER OF CAIN As sons and songs go some precede                      the others like a major chord,                      barbed as they are with the mercies of an inheritance. The winter I lost my skin to my cousins […]

  • Chelsea Dingman

    OBEDIENCE In a previous carnation, I knew fresh snow on the sills as I grabbed my ankles & asked you to be gentle moving in & out of the room as you collected your things, heat rising from vents in the floor, the thud of the thermostat kicking in. I couldn’t watch another man leave […]